Christmas ornaments: What do people decorate during Christmas?

Christmas ornaments: What do people decorate during Christmas?

 The joy of selecting Christmas ornaments and transforming spaces into magical wonderlands has become the event we all eagerly await. It's that jolly time of the year again! Everyone's abuzz with excitement, and why not? Whether it's a quaint little home or a grand building, and let's not forget our local shops - every corner is twinkling with festive charm.

Stay with us as we unwrap the magic of Christmas ornaments and give you an exclusive peek into the latest and greatest offerings from Teezwonder. Let the festivities begin!

The World Of Christmas Ornament

Christmas is all about traditions, and for many, selecting that perfect tree and Christmas ornament is at the heart of it! With each festive season, the anticipation grows as families unite to adorn their homes. Dive into Teezwonder's festive guide to uncover the stories behind Christmas ornaments and pick the perfect emblem for your family's celebrations! 

Christmas Ornaments: The "Evolution" Story Of Christmas Decoration Art

Christmas ornaments

The Christmas tree, a beacon of festive joy, finds its roots deep in 16th century Germany. Dubbed “Paradise Trees,” these evergreens were initially decorated with candles, apples, nuts, berries, and early forms of Christmas ornaments during church plays.

As the years progressed, devout Christians began introducing these decorated trees into their homes, intertwining the use of Christmas ornaments with their faith.

The Origins of the Christmas Tree and Christmas Ornaments Tradition

The Origins of the Christmas Tree and Christmas Ornaments

German immigrants of the 18th and 19th centuries played a pivotal role in bringing the tradition of Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments to America. Early settlers, dating back to the mid-1700s, held onto their German heritage, adorning trees with traditional ornaments.

A glimpse of this era can be seen in the Salem Town House in Old Sturbridge Village. Here, a modest 1830s Christmas decor would often comprise small tree pots, embellished with Christmas ornaments such as golden stars, fruit-filled goat horns, and a smattering of toys.

By the mid-19th century, decorating trees with Christmas ornaments became more mainstream. In 1856, this sentiment was officially embraced when Massachusetts declared Christmas a holiday. The tradition would commence with the Advent season, with families setting up their ornament-laden trees, letting them stand for 12 days post-Christmas.

The Evolution and Modernization of Christmas Ornaments and Trees

The evergreen, especially the pine, has been the staple for Christmas celebrations. Initially a symbol for Christian winter festivals, Romans used to decorate temple trees with early forms of ornaments. For Christians, these trees, laden with Christmas ornaments, evolved into symbols of God's rebirth.

The 1890s witnessed a surge in the popularity of Christmas ornaments imported from Germany in the U.S and Canada. But the tale of the Christmas tree's evolution isn’t complete without mentioning its illumination. Legend says that in 1880, Thomas Edison showcased his new electric bulbs by wrapping them around his office. 

By 1882, his colleague, Edward Johnson, enhanced the Christmas tree's glow by decking his own with 80 colorful bulbs. By 1890, Edison's company jumped on this illuminating trend, offering 'light services for Christmas trees.' Affluent folks didn’t skimp, some even investing what would be 2,000 USD today on decorative bulbs.

Today, the tradition of using Christmas ornaments to embellish the tree is globally revered. Modern trees, adorned with a diverse range of Christmas ornaments, come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, reflecting the ever-evolving spirit of this festive tradition.

How Many Types Of Christmas Ornaments?

The festive season brings with it an array of enchanting Christmas ornaments, each telling a unique story and adding its own sparkle to our homes. If you're looking to deck your halls but feel daunted by the multitude of choices, here's a breakdown of some must-have ornaments and their history.

  1. Globe Decorations:

Often the staple of many a Christmas tree, these spherical ornaments, also known as pearl fruit, can be crafted from glass, metal, plastic, or acrylic. Their simplicity and adaptability make them a versatile choice, perfect for trees, doors, and lights.

Globe Decorations
  1. Finial Decorations:

Drawing inspiration from architectural elements seen on rooftops, gables, or domes, finials boast elongated points. They come in varied shapes - from round, gourd-like structures to more egg-like forms.

Finial Decorations
  1. Angel Ornaments:

Angels have been a part of Christmas lore, often associated with the Nativity story. Originally crafted from materials like straw or even cookies, today's angel ornaments come in glass, plastic, or metal.

Angel Ornaments
  1. Egg Decorations:

Echoing the opulence of the Fabergé eggs from the 1880s, these ornaments often feature intricate designs. Blown glass versions are particularly popular, adorned with glitter and metallic details.

  1. Figurine Ornaments:

These ornaments introduce a touch of whimsy to your decor. From the classic Nutcrackers and Santa Clauses to reindeers and elves, figurine ornaments, typically in a vibrant red and green palette, capture the essence of the holiday season.

Figurine Christmas Ornaments
  1. Snowflakes:

No two snowflakes are alike, and the same can be said for snowflake ornaments. Whether crafted from glass or iron, they promise a shimmering addition to any winter-themed decor.

snowflakes ornaments
  1. Classic Decorations:

There's a certain charm in vintage Christmas ornaments that transport us back in time. While some enthusiasts hunt for genuine antiques from the 30s to the 50s, many ornaments available today are replicas, designed to evoke that old-world charm.

Classic Christmas Decorations Tree

Christmas Ornament Ideas: What Do People Decorate During Christmas?

The Symbolism Behind Our Favorite Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season is a joyous time, marked by beautiful decorations, reunions with loved ones, and the warm, cozy atmosphere that fills our homes. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, many Christmas decorations carry deep symbolic meanings.

  1. The Traditional Blue-Red Color Tone:

Blue and red dominate the color palette of Christmas decor. Green stands for the persistent life of trees, mirroring the Christian belief in Jesus's eternal life. Red, on the other hand, is a poignant reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made, symbolizing his flesh and blood shed on the Cross.

The Traditional Blue-Red Color Tone Christmas
  1. The Christmas Star:

This celestial symbol shines with significance during Christmas. According to legend, a bright star marked Jesus's birth, guiding three kings from the East to his birthplace with their offerings. It's no wonder that the 5-pointed star often crowns our Christmas trees.

The Christmas Star decor on tree
  1. Garland:

An essential for any Christmas tree, the garland has its own touching tale. Legend speaks of an impoverished family that couldn't afford decorations. By night, spiders spun their silvery webs over the tree, turning it into a shimmering spectacle by morning.

Garland Xmas
  1. Wreath:

Wreaths are a recurring theme in Christmas decor. Historically symbolizing power and strength, they were associated with the sun god Apollo in ancient cultures. Today, the Advent wreath, with its circular form, symbolizes eternity and the undying spirit of life.

Wreath Xmas
  1. Santa Claus:

A central figure of Christmas, especially for children, Santa Claus is the embodiment of kindness and generosity. Riding his reindeer and delivering presents, he brings joy to countless homes.

Few might know, however, that Santa's origins trace back to St. Nicholas, a 4th-century bishop known for his immense generosity. Over time, the legend of St. Nicholas morphed, and he became the Santa Claus we adore today.

Santa Claus
  1. Candy Cane:

These “Santa Claus sticks” have been associated with Christmas since the 15th century. One legend from 1670 in Germany narrates how a clergyman used candy canes to maintain order among children during a play about Jesus's birth.

Their distinctive 'J' shape could also be symbolic of Jesus's name.

Candy Cane

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In wrapping up

Christmas ornaments aren't just baubles; they're tales of traditions, memories, and love. Each one holds a story, a fragment of the festive spirit. Intrigued by the captivating narratives behind these ornaments? You're in for a treat!

Yet, as the holiday season inches closer, the real question looms: Have you found your perfect Christmas ornaments? If not, it's high time you explored Teezwonder's treasure trove, choose super meaningful exclusive ornaments and personalized gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.