How To Store Christmas Ornaments : Storage Solutions For Every Home

How To Store Christmas Ornaments : Storage Solutions For Every Home

How to store Christmas ornaments?

You've jumped the gun and snagged some festive Christmas decorations ahead of time, or maybe the holiday season has wrapped up and it's time to pack away those sparkly delights. So, how do you ensure they stay as dazzling as when you first got them? Fear not! Teezwonder is here to sprinkle some holiday magic and show you fabulous ways to cherish and storage ornaments so that you can use Christmas ornaments and trees all year round. 

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How to Store Christmas Ornaments Effectively

How to store christmas ornaments?

How to store christmas ornaments?

All around the world, people use Christmas ornaments to adorn their Xmas trees, turning them into dazzling beacons of anticipation for the big holiday. Once the festivities wind down, these ornaments are tucked away until the next December. But how can we ensure they remain splendid and long-lasting?

Choosing the Right Storage Containers

christmas ornaments storage containers

How to choose the best ornament storage containers? Here are some tips on how to store Christmas ornaments in super cute boxes that everyone should know.

These cute storage boxes will make storage in your home that much more adorable - the best way to store Christmas ornaments.

With transparent plastic boxes sold at plastic stores, when you buy them, you will be quite excited about these transparent boxes because they can hold many different types of items.

  • Small Tool Box: Keep your tiny accessories like nails, screws, and decorative items safe and sound. No more searching for lost items when you need them for your next project.
  • Under-Bed Storage: These boxes fit perfectly under your bed, providing a neat and practical storage solution for wreaths, garlands, and flat-sized ornaments.
  • Jumbo Box: Need to store larger ornaments, pearls, or stars? The Jumbo box is your answer for storage for large ornaments—it offers the depth you need without taking up too much space. Say hello to organized holiday magic!

DIY Ornament Storage Ideas: How To Store Christmas Ornaments DIY

How To Store Christmas Ornaments DIY

Don't overlook the charm of crafting your own DIY Christmas decorations using household items like Santa Claus or Christmas trees. It's a budget-friendly way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. Yet, finding how to store Christmas ornaments can be a challenge, given their recycled and handmade nature.

To keep your handmade Christmas decorations looking their best:

  • Handle with Care: Minimize handling to reduce wear and tear.
  • Protective Coating: Apply gloss or mold-resistant paint to extend their lifespan.
  • Storage Solution: Store them in plastic bags, and consider using vacuum sealers or desiccant packs for fabric or wood items.
  • Recycle Creatively: If they won't make it to the next Christmas, repurpose them into new creations for extended use and eco-friendly fun!

How To Store Fragile Christmas Ornaments: Protecting Fragile Ornaments from Damage

Tips to Safeguard Your Delicate Christmas Ornaments for Next Year!

How To Store Fragile Christmas Ornaments

Hey festive friends! As the season winds down and we think about packing away those cherished Christmas ornaments, let's ensure they get the royal treatment they deserve. If you’re still finding how to store glass christmas ornaments, here's how you can make sure your festive treasures are ready to dazzle again next year:

  • The Box Matters: It’s like choosing the right home for your ornaments. Opt for a snug fit; too much wiggle room could spell trouble. And just like homes, not all boxes are created equal. The sturdier, the better. For the crème de la crème of protection, consider foam boxes.
  • Embrace the Art of Wrapping: Imagine giving each of your ornaments a tiny festive hug. Swaddle them in bubble wrap, foam, or soft paper. A few layers should do the trick, offering a cushioned cocoon to nestle in until next December.
  • Label with Love: Make it clear with a big, bold "FRAGILE" label. It's a friendly reminder to everyone that treasured memories lie within and should be handled with a touch of TLC.
  • Stack Smart: While we're in the festive spirit, let's not turn it into a game of Jenga. Stack your boxes with care, keeping the fragile ones on top. They're not fans of heavy lifting, so let’s not weigh them down.
  • Organize and Store: Grouping similar decorations together isn't just about being neat. It's also a safety measure. When you unpack next year, you'll be greeted with decorations in prime condition, ready to sparkle and shine.

There you have it! With a little bit of care and attention, your ornaments will be just as stunning next Christmas. Here's to many more years of unboxing them in perfect condition and reliving the memories! Cheers! 

How To Store Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Care:

How To Store Christmas Tree Care

For the Plastic Tree Enthusiasts:

Your synthetic tree can last for many Christmases to come if you take good care of it. After the festive season, dismantle it gently, give it a good wash, and let it bask in the sunlight. This ensures it's free from moisture and won’t get brittle. Store it high up in a cool, sealed place, away from pesky insects. And remember, no heavy items on top of your tree's storage box!

For the Nature Lovers with Real Trees:

If you've had the joy of a real Christmas tree, why not pass on the love? Consider selling or donating it to an orchard or nursery where it can be replanted and nurtured for years to come.

Baubles and Decor:

Sparkling pearls add magic to your tree! Before tucking them away, give them a clean. Protect each piece by wrapping it in newspaper before placing it in a storage box. This way, they won't rub against each other and lose their luster.

Tinsel Time:

That shiny tinsel can be a hassle, but here's a trick! Tie the tinsel strands at the ends and wrap them in nylon. You can hang them in a dust-free closet or, if you prefer, roll one end and pop them in a box for next year.

Light it Up, But Safely:

For those mesmerizing flashing wires – roll them up neatly and box them. If yours run on batteries, remember to pop them out. This keeps your device safe from any battery leakage or potential damage.

Lastly, dedicate a special spot in your storage for Christmas decorations. It makes setting up (and packing away) much simpler and ensures your treasures remain in pristine condition.

By following these tips, you're setting the stage for yet another beautiful holiday season next year. Until then, let your ornaments rest, and dream of another sparkling Christmas! 

How To Keep Christmas Decorations From Blowing Over

The festive season brings joy, celebration, and... decorations! But when Mother Nature decides to show her gusty side, your carefully placed decor might be at risk. Here's how to ensure your flags, garlands, ribbons, and even those quirky inflatable pieces stay put:

  1. Flags and Garlands:

Flags and garlands are particularly vulnerable due to their lightweight and long structure. Here are some ways to secure them:

  • Double Up on Attachment Points: Instead of just attaching them from the ends, secure them at multiple points along their length.
  • Use Strong Adhesives: If you're hanging them on a wall, consider using heavy-duty double-sided tape.
  • Weighted Bottoms: Add small weights or clips to the bottom of flags and garlands to keep them from flapping too vigorously.
  1. Ribbons and Wreaths:

While wreaths can be heavy, they can still catch the wind, especially if they have ribbons or other loose attachments. Here's how to keep them in place:

  • Secure Attachment: Use robust hooks or nails to hang wreaths. For ribbons, consider tying them in tight, secure knots.
  • Wind-Resistant Materials: If you live in an especially windy area, you might consider investing in ribbons made of heavier material.
  1. Inflatables:

Inflatables can be particularly tricky. They're light, filled with air, and can easily become a wind sail if not properly anchored.

  • Anchor Them Down: Most inflatables come with stakes. Use all of them and ensure they're deeply embedded in the ground.
  • Additional Weights: Consider placing sandbags or other weights at the base of your inflatable to give it extra stability.
  • Strategic Positioning: Place inflatables in areas where they're shielded from the wind, like close to your home or between structures.
  1. Universal Tip:

For almost any decoration, sturdy ropes and tapes can be your best friends. They can be used to tie down, secure, or add additional anchorage points to your decorations.

Remember, while we all love a beautifully decorated space, safety should always come first. If you know a particularly strong storm or wind is on its way, it might be best to temporarily take down your decor to ensure it isn't damaged or doesn't become a hazard. Happy decorating!

Innovative Storage Solutions for Holiday Decor

An effective tips for how to store christmas ornaments! How do you store Christmas ornaments without a box?

Stackable Ornament Trays

Stackable Ornament Trays

Ah, the holiday season! It's all fun and games until it's time to store away those cherished ornaments. Every year, many of us face the challenge of safely storing our precious baubles without them tangling, scratching, or breaking. Enter the ornament organizer: a game-changer for holiday enthusiasts!

What is it?

It's not just a tray or a box; it's a specially designed organizer with individual compartments for each ornament. Think of it as a jewelry box, but for your Christmas treasures!

The Upsides:

  • Protection: With individual compartments, each ornament gets its cozy nook, preventing scratches, tangles, or potential breakage.
  • Organization: Wave goodbye to the days of digging through a box to find that one specific ornament. With this organizer, each piece has its own spot, making them easy to find and categorize.
  • Stackable: Designed for convenience, these organizers are typically stackable. So, even if each box holds a limited number, you can pile them up without worrying about crushing what's inside.

The Downside:

The main drawback is capacity. These organizers prioritize safety and organization over quantity. So, if you have an extensive ornament collection, you might need multiple organizers.

Under-the-Bed Storage Ideas

Hey there, home organizers and festive aficionados! Ever thought about that vast expanse beneath your bed? It might just be the secret storage solution you've been missing out on. Let's explore how to store christmas ornaments and the potential of under-the-bed storage for those Christmas decorations!

Why Under the Bed?

  • Space: That under-bed territory is like the untapped goldmine of storage space. From Christmas wreaths to fairy lights, it’s spacious enough to accommodate a fair share of your festive decor.
  • Out of Sight: Tucked away, your decorations will be safe and sound, waiting for their grand reappearance next festive season.
  • Convenience: No more hauling boxes down from the attic or up from the basement. Just a swift slide under the bed and your decorations are accessible.

Steps to Under-Bed Storage Success:

  • Measure Up: Grab that tape measure and get the exact dimensions - width, length, and especially height. This will help you pick or create the perfect storage solution.

Container Choices:

  • Plastic Boxes: Durable, water-resistant, and transparent, so you can easily see what's inside.
  • Cardboard or Canvas: How to store christmas ornaments more eco-friendly, lightweight option? Great if you’re planning on setting and forgetting until next Christmas.
  • Custom Wooden Crates: A sturdier and more aesthetic choice if you’re into DIY or want a bespoke solution.
  • Wheel It In: If you opt for a container with wheels, accessing your festive decorations becomes a breeze! Just slide it out when the holidays roll around and slide it back in when done.


  • Ensure your decorations are clean and dry before storing to avoid mold or damage.
  • Label your containers. It’ll save you from rummaging next year.
  • If you're storing breakable items, use bubble wrap or soft cloth for added protection.

So, next time someone asks where all your Christmas decorations are, just point to the bed and give a knowing wink. Utilizing the under-bed space is not just smart; it’s genius! Happy organizing and cheers to a clutter-free home! 

Best Christmas Ornaments at Teezwonder: Hanging without Worrying

Are you in full Christmas spirit yet? If not, we're here to sprinkle a little holiday magic onto your trees and homes!

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